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Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Wellness Advocate, Blogger and Primal Blueprint Certified Health Coach. Carolyn Gray explores the topic of Wellness while discussing her own Paleo diet with a Food as Medicine approach. Wellness is approached from a Holistic Perspective with interviews from amazing Wellness advocates who share their own stories.
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Dec 16, 2015

Christmas wishes from your favourite Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach with tips for achieving your own wellness goals in 2016. 

Nov 19, 2015

An inspiring interview with Ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia Donna Bauer. The word 'Cancer' is not something anyone wants to hear from their GP, especially when you are only 43 years old and a working mother of four sons, with a busy Political career in an election year. Yet this is what happened to Donna in 2014 when she was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. Rather than give into her situation, Donna stayed true to her fighting spirit not only continuing to work, but learning about Bowel Cancer and raising awareness wherever and however she could. What Donna speaks about is a truly inspirational story that has left its mark on everyone around her, including her local community, friends and family. 

Nov 12, 2015

Listen in as Carolyn shares her experiences returning to University studies with the commencement of a very academically rigorous Psychology Degree. Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Teacher, Wellness Advocate, Public Speaker and now a student. People all over the world return to study for a variety of reasons and it has never been easier than in this current Modern World where technology helps people to change careers and continue with formal learning as an adult whilst juggling work, family life and other commitments. Don't underestimate the challenges though of changing habits, the expense, finding the time and motivation, plus adapting to being a student again. It is a personal journey and a love of life long learning that is driving and motivating Carolyn.

Oct 27, 2015

Functional Nutritionist Mel Ibrihim shares her health journey through infertility, IVF, Diagnostic Functional Nutrition, Paleo, and an acceptance of self. Mel is now a fully qualified Functional Nutritionist and shares her journey into parenthood with others in a similar situation. Hear how Mel listened to her body to become pregnant by changing her diet and addressing complex body image issues. Mel talks of the complexities of IVF and how over exercising, a low fat diet and metabolic chaos contributed to her infertility. An inspiring story!

Oct 23, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Australia and in this episode Naturopath Rebecca Hall from Fitgenes discusses the genes which influence the development of Breast Cancer in Women and Men. The recent landmark High Court case which ruled in favour of Yvonne D'Arcy, a breast cancer survivor who challenged the patent on the isolated BRCA1 gene will mean that testing and research can be carried out widely and cost effectively in the future in Australia. Fitgenes currently tests for a number of other gene mutations involved in Breast Cancer: CYP1B1, COMT, GSTP1 and MnSOD. A research study has indicated an increased risk associated with the combined effect of these four genes in post menopausal women but a minimal risk when looking at each gene individually. Certain combinations of these genes can increase the risk of breast cancer by 1,100% but as discussed in this episode the risk can be reduced with lifestyle interventions. This is a personal episode for Rebecca whose Grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Carolyn Gray whose mother was diagnosed at aged 80 years. A topical issue for everyone and a very informative episode looking at ways to be proactive with your own health by exploring the latest advances in DNA testing to inform and empower you about your own genetics and therefore your risk of disease development.

Oct 21, 2015

After almost two and a half years Carolyn's journey with Pyroluria is moving in a new direction. The supplements, food as medicine, nutrition study and motivation for a greater sense of life balance have all supported her Wellness and recovery. Healing the body has taken time but now she is moving to better understand the mental health journey through studying a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and undertaking workshops in ACT with Dr Russ Harris. Moving away from the chronic health pattern and separating herself from the diagnosis is helping to develop the whole person. Through an integrative and holistic approach Carolyn is working towards living the meaningful and fulfilling life she wants and focussing less on the Pyroluria as its hold on her has lessened and symptoms subsided. The third in a series on Pyroluria and it is recommended that you listen to Episode 2 (Pyroluria: My experience) and Episode 20 (Pyroluria: What is life like after Diagnosis and Treatment) before this one.

Oct 19, 2015

An insightful interview with Julie Ryan from which chronicles her journey with Fibromyalgia. Julie talks about the series of events leading up to her diagnosis, the challenging time she had both physically and mentally and the positive attitude she has to life that has enabled her to move beyond the pain and live a fulfilling life. Julie shares the challenges of living with an invisible illness, how her daily life is impacted and the pain management strategies she utilises. A very personal account of an illness that is all too common. Julie discusses the dietary changes that have supported her journey, the lifestyle adjustments that go with having fibromyalgia and how she supports others through her social media. An inspiring interview that is a window into the life of those living with an invisible illness.

Oct 14, 2015

An inspiring interview with Primal Living's Jo Smith which takes us on a journey of real food, eating seasonally, farming, living a simpler and more natural life, creativity and an exploration of self. A really inspiring example of a courageous person who has successfully transitioned from a busy City environment to a conscious and self sufficient life on Bruny Island. Jo shares her own health journey which includes a past as a body builder, an eating disorder, anxiety and stress. Hear how Jo fills her days with positivity, coaches others as a Health, Wellness and Natural Living Educator and is working her farm so that it can be a place of education for others.

Oct 9, 2015

Sleep: It seems so easy for some and a major struggle for others. An introductory episode into the topic of sleep with Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Carolyn Gray who shares her own experiences and insight's on the topic.

Oct 5, 2015

In this episode Carolyn shares how switching to buying Organic Vegetables and some fruit is adding value to her family life, a positive mindset and a more mindful approach to life. Carolyn talks about sourcing them locally and online, budgeting and how the variety is like foraging in an ancestral health model. Listen and learn about the value that eating organic is having on a family dominated with health issues, juggling fussy eating children and a husband who is learning to eat a larger volume of vegetables rather than quickly eating his meal. It is a change in habits, mindset and a different approach to life in general.

Sep 25, 2015

Another amazing episode with Rebecca Hall from Fitgenes but this time the discussion looks at the AMY 1 gene test which determines how many copies of the AMY 1 gene you have. Variations within the AMY 1 gene influence how well your body can breakdown and process starch, meaning that some people can tolerate carbohydrates better than others. The AMY 1 gene has evolved in humans to have an increased number of copies with the average human having 6 copies but able to have up to 20 with a very high number not necessarily a positive thing due to a high level of sugar in the mouth. Approximately 10% of the Australian population has a number greater than 9 which indicates they will have better glycemic control than low AMY 1 individuals on a similar diet. A low AMY 1 copy number indicates: a reduced amount of enzyme in the saliva needed to break down starch, a reduced tolerance of high starch diets, a greater risk or predisposition to obesity, reduced glycemic control and increased risk for metabolic abnormalities. Listen as Carolyn shares her own results, revealing a very low number 2 AMY 1 genes which is another piece in the jigsaw puzzle of her own health journey.


Sep 15, 2015

An inspirational health journey supported by an incredible positive mindset and internal drive to overcome many health obstacles and challenges. The amazing Wellness Entrepreneur: Katie Wyatt shares her personal story in this delightful interview. Drawing on an inner strength and resilience to use her incredible marketing and networking skills to support her own business growth and advising others at all stages of their own business ventures. Listen in as Katie talks in detail about her health journey, how she loves to inspire and motivate others, the incredible changes that have taken place in her life over the past twelve months and how she is now headlining her name and talents in the Wellness sphere. It was a pleasure to speak with Katie Wyatt and l hope you enjoy the interview.

Sep 11, 2015

Episode two in Carolyn's organic shopping adventure covers buying the organic vegetables online. What is a food host? What types of boxes are there to buy? Why is she just buying veggies and not fruit? Is it better than the Farm Gate experience which was discussed in episode 22? How much does it cost to buy organic veggies? What about feeding a family? All of these topics are discussed and more as Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Carolyn Gray shares her own Wellness journey. For Carolyn it is about Paleo, Food as Medicine, clean eating, whole foods and home cooking. This is her journey and it is one step at a time to move as far away from the SAD diet as possible.

Sep 9, 2015

A follow up episode with Wellness Mentor Daniella Hogarth who previously discussed her recovery from Post Natal Depression (Ep. 6). In this episode we explore the topics of Plant Based Paleo and Intuitive Living, both of which are supportive of Daniella's own wellness journey and are sure to inspire those of you who are looking to incorporate these elements in your life.

Plant Based Paleo: What does this look like on a day to day basis?

Intuitive Living: Energy Medicine, Reiki, Essential Oils, finding the answers from within

Bonus Topic: Making your own Sanitary Napkins and how to be budget orientated in this area plus some other amazing tips for everyday thriftiness.

An overall wonderful interview with the gorgeous Daniella Hogarth. Benefit from her wisdom and inspiration by listening to this informative and personal discussion.

Sep 6, 2015

Carolyn reviews this amazing book on mindfulness written by Dr Stephen McKenzie and Dr Craig Hassed. A treasure trove of quotes, insight and reflective tools that will support your mindfulness practice and wellness journey. There are some very helpful chapters on topics such as Anxiety, Depression, Dementia and Cancer to name a few. This is a wonderful book for those wanting to live a more mindful life, to understand what mindfulness is and to appreciate that at the core is a mindful approach to living each and every day.

Sep 4, 2015

The organic shopping adventure! Carolyn goes on a drive to find organic vegetables and fruit. Venturing to the outskirts of suburban Melbourne on a gorgeous sunny morning for an adventure into Farm Gate shopping. Listen as Carolyn details her purchases and reasoning behind them, what the experience was like and how this activity will feature in her family life in the future. It's about reducing the toxins, budgeting, eating whole foods, paleo, food as medicine, mindful eating and S.L.O.W.

Sep 2, 2015

An in depth discussion about the role of treats, snacks, desserts and drinks in a whole foods based diet. Avoid the perils of being a sugar burner and reduce your carbohydrate intake with these handy tips. Base your food intake on whole foods, with a mindful approach to eating the much loved and desired Paleo treats. Carolyn reflects on the past 2.5 years as she has transitioned from the SAD diet to a clean eating Paleo intake and the challenges of lowering her sugar intake. This episode looks at the sugars in healthy foods and how these can be addictive and hard to resist. Mindful eating and living is at the core of maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding many of the modern illnesses ravaging society today. Carolyn's health journey continues with the realisation that sugars such as honey are sometimes foods and shouldn't be part of her everyday diet. Carolyn reviews the healthy drink options and the role of whole foods based snacks in a Food as Medicine approach.

Aug 29, 2015

In this second episode exploring the topic of Pyroluria, Carolyn shares what life is like now two and a half years since the diagnosis. With the support of her Integrative Practitioner, an intense supplement protocol, a Food as Medicine Paleo orientated diet and many life changes Carolyn now feels she is at the peak of her Wellness journey but maybe she needs to make some hard decisions to support her body in its quest to function optimally. The challenge it seems to Carolyn is the impact the Pyroluria has on achieving Homeostasis in the body and the many stresses and stressors of modern life impacting this. Carolyn shares her ongoing journey, the challenges of having three children also diagnosed with Pyroluria and the importance of having the support of an excellent Integrative Practitioner. The first episode on this topic is Episode 2 of the Wellness Buzz Podcast and it is recommended to listen to that one first.

Aug 28, 2015

Paleo Nutrition and Wellness Coach Carolyn Gray explores the S.L.O.W approach to eating a Food as Medicine diet. Seasonal, Local, Organic and Whole is explored and discussed in this episode which forms part of Carolyn's Food as Medicine episode series. Eating for health, Eating for Wellness, Eating for enjoyment! Learn it, Live it and Love it. Carolyn talks about her own journey transitioning to a healthier diet and the challenges of achieving this in a city environment. There are continual wake up calls, changes that need to be made, self reflection and growth as a person. The learning is continual and Carolyn is on this journey with you!

Aug 21, 2015

Carolyn has joined with Fitgenes to explore her own genes and shares the results in an interesting and informative discussion with Fitgenes Naturopath: Rebecca Hall. Advanced DNA Testing looks at 53 genes and gives an insight into genetic predispositions which can influence our health in a positive or negative way. The main topics covered in this analysis are Inflammation, Cell Defence, Cardiovascular Health, Fat Metabolism & Cholesterol Regulation and Vitamin D Metabolism. Knowing this information can support the focus of your nutritional, health and lifestyle interventions and the Fitgenes Practitioner is ideally placed to advise on Dietary supports as an example that can support your long term health and wellbeing. There will be a second episode in this Fitgenes series where Carolyn will learn the results of her AMY1 gene test which looks at how many amylase genes are present which impacts starch digestion and therefore Weight Management. Genetic Testing is a fascinating podcast topic and the way of the future as we understand more about the different genes in the human body, there is more research to support the genes being analysed and the testing now available to those who are proactive and motivated to go down this path.

Aug 18, 2015

Carolyn continues her Food as Medicine Series of episodes and talks us through Whole Foods based Lunch and Dinner meal options. In this episode Carolyn shares the amazing Paleo recipes that are so popular on her Website and which have supported her recovery from a range of Chronic Illnesses and how this has led to a great passion for cooking, recipe development and creativity which you too can uncover if you live and eat mindfully. All meals are gluten, dairy and processed sugar free and are based on an ancestral model of eating dominated by eating seasonal, local, organic and whole. Carolyn is a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert and will talk you through her amazing and colourful recipes which are certain to help motivate and support your own Wellness journey.

Aug 14, 2015

Leading into teaching the second of her Food as Medicine Workshops Carolyn reviews the Hot Topics from Session 1 and begins a review of delicious whole foods based main meals starting with breakfast. It is a visual feast as Carolyn talks us through what she has for breakfast including an assortment of egg dishes, green smoothies, healthy pancakes or no breakfast at all. Breakfast can be leftovers from dinner the night before and is an important meal for those transitioning from the SAD diet to a more clean eating Paleo approach. All recipes are gluten, dairy and processed sugar free and many are listed in detail on her amazing Website at Listen, Learn, Live it, Love it and then leave a review/rating on iTunes!

Aug 10, 2015

Carolyn goes into further detail explaining the Food as Medicine approach in this second episode looking at the local workshops she is conducting. With a focus on grassfed meat, above ground vegetables, healthy fats, fruit, nuts and seeds, Carolyn explores the core of Whole Foods eating which centres on the S.L.O.W approach. Carolyn follows a strict healthy Paleo diet which has supported her recovery from chronic illness. She lives a Food as Medicine approach and teaches this to the participants of this three session course. Share in the journey as she discusses how her students are responding to the workshop material and the challenges of moving from a SAD diet for a variety of reasons including weightloss, chronic illness and general health challenges.

Aug 7, 2015

An introduction into Food as Medicine, Whole Foods Eating, Mindful eating, Paleo with an exploration of the 'Why' which many people don't understand when starting on this journey. Carolyn explores topics such as eating to satiety, listening to your body, surrounding yourself with supportive people, self care and motivation. Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Carolyn Gray lives a clean eating life after recovering from a range of chronic illnesses and starts the discussion in this episode about introducing Food as Medicine into your life to support positive gene expression, achieving your own individual Wellness Goals and embracing home cooking as the only way to support a healthy food intake.

Aug 3, 2015

An amazing interview with Functional Medical Practitioner and Periodontist Dr. Al Danenberg who shares his knowledge and expertise in Ancestral Nutrition, Functional Medicine and advances in the Periodontal Profession. Dr. Danenberg had his own health crisis several years ago when he suffered a stroke and in this episode he discusses how for a considerable period of time after the stroke he followed the Nutritional and Pharmaceutical advice of Mainstream Medicine in managing his health before discovering Ancestral Nutrition and Living which has supported his recovery and increased sense of wellbeing. Dr. Danenberg at the age of 68 years is a very intelligent, motivated and inspirational person who is embracing life, an incredible Paleo diet and an exercise program which incorporates all of the elements of The Primal Blueprint program. This is a wonderful interview with Dr. Al Danenberg who is based in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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